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Terms and Conditions

Monday 04th, March


IMPORTANT STATUTORY NOTICE Subject as may here is after be provided to the provisions of Section 55 of the Sale of Goods Act 1893 as amended and by Section 40 of the Sale of Goods and Supply of Service Act, 1980, nothing herein will affect or prejudice the right of a customer as defined by the Act as provided by section 12,13,14 and 15, of the Goods Act 1893 as amended and by section 39 of the sale of Goods and Supply Services Act 1980.


1/ ACCEPTANCE OF ORDERS: All orders submitted through our website or by letter post and received by will be confirmed in writing. The customer should not take for granted that their order has been received without receiving this confirmation. All orders are fulfilled subject to these terms and conditions. It might not be possible for to accept certain orders or provide delivery to certain countries and they reserve the right to refuse to take any order or deal with any customer they see fit, which is totally at the discretion of

2/ CURRENCY: Prices quoted are in Euro, all payments are to be made in Euro. (Your credit card providers will charge for your order in your local billing currency).

3/ PAYMENTS: You may pay for your order online by paypal or over the telephone +353-1-838 88 10 by Visa, Master Card or Visa Debit Card. All orders submitted will be debited on the day/time of ordering or within 96 hours from same. Alternatively you may pay by cheque or postal order: made payable to BOLTON PRINT LTD, and forwarded to Bolton House, Aughrim Lane Business complex, Aughrim Street, Dublin 7, Ireland. No order will be processed in anyway whatsoever until full payment has cleared. (Once full payment is submitted it is non refundable). Customers can call to our store in person to place their memorial orders (Prior appointment required), which may be subject to in store prices. Proofs are only released to the customer on receipt of full payment however in certain circumstances we will accept a deposit with the remaining balance required on proof approval and prior to the print run. (All deposits are strictly non refundable). All paypal orders are subject to paypal fees which are out of the control of Bolton Print Ltd and will be reflected in any invoice total produced by them.
It is the responsibility of the customer at the time of ordering to ensure that they select the correct quantity as over ordering will not result in a refund once the order has been received and processed by It is also the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have selected the correct images and verses prior to submitting same. reserves the right to debit a credit/debit card with all outstanding balances due after notifying the customer of their order been ready for collection in store.

4/ DELIVERY: Delivery periods quoted are from receipt of approved artwork or receipt of initial order. Any item quoted or represented for delivery or dispatch, or the carrying out of any work is given only as an estimate but in the belief that it can be kept. Nevertheless neither not its agents or servants shall be under any liability for any delay or non delivery howsoever the same shall be caused. (See delivery page for additional information).
During certain winter months the logistic carrier we employ may be interrupted due to certain weather conditions that are outside of our control. Free delivery will be offered from time to time and cannot be used with any other promotional offer whatsoever.

5/ RETENTION OF TITLE: Title to the goods sold shall not pass to the customer until paid in full but once delivered shall not be returned except with previous written consent of All artwork, origination, logos, discs etc created by for the customer will remain the property of The URL namely “” will appear on all our printed products when any or part of our material such as wordings, verses, gallery images, etc are used. All goods not collected from premises with an outstanding balance due to by the customer within 120 days from being notified by either by phone or email that their order is ready for collection will be disposed of accordingly. Under normal circumstances, goods must be paid for prior to dispatch. If for any reason, goods are agreed to be shipped prior to clearance of payment, title in the goods shipped belongs to until payment in full by the customer.

6/ RISK: in the goods shall pass to the customer upon delivery to the customer or his/her representative or nominee at premises or nominated address at or to An Post or any carrier, and any such carrier shall be deemed to be the agent of the customer. will not be held responsible for all items such as photos or items etc sent by the customer to by letter post or any other method or by third party which are lost before they get to our premises. Items of high sentimental value etc, should be sent to us via registered post or delivered in person to our premises.

7/ EMERGENCIES: In the case where urgency or other factors occur, which require to use its initiative in approving artwork or otherwise acting on behalf of the customer it will act according to its knowledge of the wishes of the customer but shall have no liability to the customer whatsoever acted.

8/ VAT is included @23% in all prices displayed and is charged on all sales. If a valid EU VAT number is provided at the time of ordering, goods will be shipped to non-Irish residents of the EU net of VAT. All purchases made by customers outside the EU are charged with VAT. Telephone: 0035318388810 for further details.

9/ SAMPLES: Memorial printed samples are submitted free of charge and dispatched within the Republic of Ireland only.

10/ COLOURS/photographs/print: All orders are subject to normal colour deviations in digital printing, Materials and printed colours/photos will be matched as closely as reasonably possible(Important note: A variation of between one to two millimetres can occur in the printing and finishing process due to limitations in digital technology while Bolton Print will do its upmost to keep this at a minimum they will not be held responsible for same. can only reproduce high quality photo(s) where the photo(s) supplied by the customer are of equal high quality(min resolution of 300dpi).When a photo(s)needs to be scanned in order to be printed on a product selected by the customer, it will be matched as close as possible to the original. We will not be held responsible for a poor quality printed product caused by poor quality photo(s) which have been uploaded or supplied by the customer to resulting in a poor quality end product. is not obliged to remove red eye or any background objects or backgrounds if a photo of the deceased supplied by the customer contains same unless requested to do otherwise or in certain circumstances may feel that the quality of the finished product will be further enhanced by carrying out same, a minimum charge will be applied accordingly. The customer should determine whether the quality of there photo’s are suitable for reproduction before submitting same. While we try to return all hard copy photographs(s) or artwork supplied by the customer on completion of their printed memorial order, we cannot guarantee same due to the high volume of work that is processed by our art room department at any given time. The customer should ensure that they have suitable copies reproduced from their original photos.

11/ PRICE VARIATIONS: The Contract price is subject to unforeseen substation. All increase in costs of materials, currency fluctuations, labor costs, rise in transport costs or any other major influence on the cost to of goods contracted for and may be increased by Bolton Print without any prior notice to the customer.

12/ JURISDICTION: This contract has been made with (Head office, Dublin, Ireland) and shall be deemed to have been so made. DUBLIN AREA COURTS SHALL HAVE JURISDICTION in relation to any disputes arising.

13/ VIS MAJOR: In the event of war, riot, civil disturbances or other major forces outside the parties rendering it impossible or impractical for to complete the contract may at its option repudiate this agreement by writing to the customer by email.

14a. The cost of standard artwork is included in all prices but the customer must use our verses and images from our gallery, the customer has the option of supplying us with their own material (Create Your Own Card) but an extra cost will be applied accordingly, if any extra design is required by the customer or they would like to create their own individual custom cards, dual photo cards or artwork/layouts different to our standard format a further charge will be applied accordingly. All orders of key rings or enlarged photos of four or less will incur an artwork charge of 20 euro which will be applied unless the initial order is accompanied by an order for In memoriam cards and or bookmarks and or wallet cards. A once off scanning charge of seven euro and fifty cent will apply to all key rings and 5" x 7" new photographs. (Price is per photo). Once an order has been submitted by the customer and a deposit paid by them to Bolton Print, a proof will be issued for their approval. If the customer decides not to proceed after been issued with a proof(s) they agree to pay any outstanding balances due. All or any artwork(s) created by Bolton Print remains the property of and the customer may not use same for any other purpose other than for proofing. same.

14b. When artwork has been approved by the customer in person or by email or otherwise, then agrees to proceed with the printing of their order and acknowledges that the customer has read these terms and conditions in full and accepts full responsibility for their actions in doing so and further acknowledges that their proof copy is exact to the specifications they supplied at time of ordering. The customer must submit the following wording “I have read over my proof (s) and I would like to proceed with the printing of my order” before any work will be printed.
It is also the responsibility of the customer to ensure that all their spelling(s) and information supplied by them to either online, by email or by letter post etc are correct before submitting same.

14c. If any copyrights unknown to are infringed to meet customers instructions this is the customers responsibility and shall indemnify Bolton Print in respect of all actions, proceedings, claims or costs, loss or damage or expense suffered by Bolton Print in respect thereof. All artworks etc, will be archived for a period of 12 months from date of origination. A colour proof refers to proofs that will be sent via email as a PDF. All colour paper proofs which are requested by the customer will be charged at twenty euro per proof.

14d. Artwork design is carried out from the instructions provided by the customer to either on the day of ordering or from receipt of completed order form and all proofs are created and designed from these instructions. If any redesign, alterations or extra additions (photos) what so ever are required by the customer after their final proof has been submitted to them, other than spelling or design errors caused in our typesetting process an extra charge will apply accordingly as additional computer time will have to be allocated and paid for in addition to the extra time that it takes emailing additional proofs.
Additional changes required by the customer may be accepted prior to and up to the time of the customer receiving their proof but only applies to artwork that has not commenced by our artwork department)
A spelling mistake does not constitute extra words or any additional work requested by the customer to be added to existing artworks or any material requested to be deleted by the customer which they had previously forgot to include with their original order. (This will only apply prior to the time the customer receives their proof from our artwork department). REQUESTING YOUR ORIGINAL DESIGN TO BE CHANGED AFTER RECEIVING YOUR PROOF WILL INCURR AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE WHICH WILL DEPEND ON THE COMPLEXITY OF THE DESIGN AND TIME TAKEN TO CREATE SAME.

14e/ Completed folded acknowledgement cards will come scored but not folded

15/ INTERPRETATION: In the case of any conflict between any of these general conditions and any especially agreed conditions the latter shall prevail.

16/ SPECIAL OFFERS, PRICE or other: reserves the right to change or withdraw any price, promotional or special offer at anytime without any prior notice to the customer. Bolton Prints claim that they may not be beaten on price is based on their high level of service, the high quality of material they use and the available artwork options they provide to the customer which all come under the umbrella of their claim. Special offers have no cash value in any way whatsoever and no alternative.

17/ CANCELLATIONS: Once orders are submitted and paid for by the customer, a strict non refund policy applies if the customer decides to cancel their order. (applies when a deposit has been paid) If for any reason the order is cancelled by the customer after the artwork has been designed and a proof has been sent to them, a cancelation fee will be applied to cover any loss suffered by as a result of their actions.

18/ CONFIDENTIALITY: We strictly undertake to exercise all reasonable precautions to keep information supplied to us by customers strictly confidential.

19/ OPENING TIMES: Customers who call to our store without a prior appointment may be subject to a long delay until a customer adviser is available to deal with their query.

20/ ALL INFORMATION and layouts including religious & photographic images used for and by are copyright and prohibits any persons, companies or otherwise from copying same in any form whatsoever. Dublin area courts (Ire) shall have jurisdiction.

21/ CUSTOMER SUPPORT TIMES: While we endeavour to answer all incoming telephone calls made by the customer to during office hours same cannot be guaranteed. All telephone calls where the customer leaves their telephone number and a contact name will be returned at our earliest convenience.

22/ ALL CHRISTIAN/SURNAMES and photo’s of the deceased person(s) are used to display our sample memoriam, wallet, acknowledgement cards and bookmarks or any other related items are purely fictitious and do not refer to any person or persons in particular. reserve the right from time to time to use a printed sample from a customers completed order without the consent.

CREDIT CARD SAFETY - For your added safety and security requires that you enter your verification code (CVC) which is sent to us separately when paying via credit card.

The CVC code is the last three-digit number which appears on the signature panel on the back of all Visa/debit and Master cards . See below for sample.


CREDIT CARD SAFETY - For your added safety and security Bolton Print requires that you enter your verification code (CVC) which is sent to us separately when paying via credit card.


The CVC code is the last three-digit number which appears on the signature panel

on the back of all Visa and Mastercard cards. See below for sample.


Credit card orders that do not include CVC codes will not be processed.




(Black coloured text) - THE CVC NUMBER OF YOUR CREDIT CARD.